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We use a range of products depending on the needs of our clients and personal preference.  Below are a few products which we feel best encompasses energy efficient disciplines:

Biogas Digester

Products Biogas Digester Eden Developments

Biogas Digester takes organic waste and creates a flammable gas.  A large tank is filled with bacteria which eats (digests) the organic waste which then emits the methane gas.  The gas is produced inside the tank which can then be used for cooking and any other household energy needs.  Waste that has has been digested exits the biogas system in the form of organic fertilizer.

Eden Developments offers a Biogas Digester solution which is a cost effective way to create further energy efficient savings.  Clients will have a never-ending supply of gas which can be used in the home as well as having compost for the garden, along with nutrient enriched water to be used in the garden.

Products Biogas Digester Eden Developments


Building with Stumbelbloc forms part of our aim to build with as many energy efficient materials as possible.

Stumbelbloc is a revolutionary new building product (global patent pending).  Using this design, building is as simple as stacking blocks on top of each other all the while retaining high precision margins.  This method of building is cost effective, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and convenient.  As well as being a cheaper alternative to conventional brickwork, Stumbelbloc has an increased R value in comparison and is fire retardant.


For more information on this product please visit :  The direct saving on a conventional house of approximately 180m2 is

R100 000.


Other advantages of using this system:


Speed of construction. 
Reducing sound coming into your building and between rooms.
Increases the R value of your walls dramatically – Stumbelbloc is up to 10 times more energy efficient than conventional brickwork and increases the R value up to 7. 

Grey Water System

The grey water system includes using the grey water from showers, basins, washing machines etc., for then using in the garden – watering your plants, grass and outside area.


Eden Developments has created a cost-effective system which includes a pump and irrigation system.


This system installed will cost approximately R15 000 and repayment has been calculated at a saving of R250 per month and a 7 year repayment period on your bond.

Water Collection System

For the water collection system, we encourage the use of water tanks for the collection of rain water which can then be used, after filtration, in your home as drinking water (no more purchasing of filtered water), general water use and if you have enough capacity, in your garden.


The sizing of this system will depend on the space you have available for tanks and if you want to look at an above-ground or an underground water system.