Energy Efficient Savings Eden Developments

Energy Efficient Savings

You can save up to R100 000 by building an Energy Efficient home!  Send us your email address and we will send you more information on how to save money.

Eden Developments focuses on Energy Efficient housing and the use of renewable energy to save money over the term of your home bond.  Materials used in construction and design in order to become less reliant on our municipalities:



  • modular blocking system with effective wall insulation, floor insulation, ceiling insulation and wooden flooring
  • renewable energy – solar geyser and solar systems
  • alternative energy forms – gas
  • water collection including grey water
  • vertical gardens
  • eco pool


Energy efficient building is the future and creates advantages for you by saving money over time and reducing your carbon footprint. Up to R100 000 can be saved over the lifetime of your bond. Apart from these savings we also offer direct savings on construction materials and work with the client to generate direct cost savings on construction. We have identified some of these possible savings below however others can be identified according to the applicable project.
Eden Developments offers our clients a range of cost saving opportunities in terms of construction materials and over time in the form of municipal bills. In using renewable energy : gas installations, grey water usage, rain water usage, insulation of the building, flooring, lighting etc., our clients save huge bills by working their way “off the grid”.


Construction materials : The direct saving on a conventional house of approximately 180m2 is R100 000.

Other advantages of using this system :

• Speed of construction
• Reducing sound coming into your building and between rooms
• Increases the R value of your walls dramatically
• Reduces your carbon footprint


1. Water collection system

2. Grey water collection system

3. Solar system

4. Solar Geyser

5. Use of insulating materials in your building to incorporate cost savings

Leave us your email address and we will send you more information on how to save money.