Victorian Side Bathrooms

Victorian Side Bathrooms

Over the last 30 years Victorian Side has established a tradition of excellence in the restoration, renovation and supply of Victorian Style bathroom taps, mixers and accessories.  Our manufacturing division is located in George and services retail partners along the coastal belt.  We are proud to be associated with OnTap East London in this regard.

We specialize in bathroom fixtures from elegant and chic to rustic and steampunk.  If you imagine it, we will create it.

Custom and Bespoke taps:

Victorian Side George takes pride in the fact that we can custom make any of your Victorian style bathroom requirements.  Our highly skilled craftsmen are experts in their field and meticulous with every detail.

We also manufacture glass hanging lamps and riser lamps with hand-cafted pulleys, in single or multiple lamps.  These are all made from antique chandelier components, thus no two lamps or lights can ever look the same.


Steampunk is a fantastical mash-up of Art Nouveau, High Victorian Gothic, techno-fantasy, time travel, wild wild west, deep deep undersea worlds, industrialisation, boiler rooms and horror.

Cleaning and care for products:

Most of our products have a protective clear coat to prevent tarnishing.  The use of aggressive cleaning chemicals and scourers are strongly discouraged.  A proper cleaning routine would include the use of a silicone spray and a soft cloth to gently wipe the product down.

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