Since 1946 when Vaal took to producing ceramic sanitaryware, the range has continually improved and changed to accommodate the needs of an increasingly sophisticated market. One thing that has remained constant, however, is Vaal’s commitment to quality and durability and the fact that every product is designed with comfort and aesthetics in mind.

Today Vaal’s range of basins, bidets and toilets represents the successful culmination of years of research and development. When you purchase a Vaal product, you can be confident that you are getting the best in quality, durability, comfort and style every time.

About Us

With over 65 years experience, innovative designs and a high regard for practicality, Vaal Sanitaryware is a company you can trust, offering you:

  • Compliance with SABS and numerous international standards
  • SABS ISO 9002 listings
  • Extensive research in the field of water-saving W.C.’s culminating in the development of a 4,5 litre flushing cistern, and 6/3 litre dual-flush cisterns
  • Customised solutions for specialised design requirements
  • Cost effective, reliable products for a wide variety of markets
  • Valuable experience in the complexity of fulfilling large contracts
  • Full plumber training facilities
  • Efficient after sales back-up

Contact us for more information and stockists – Follow us on Facebook : @VaalSanitaryware.

Vaal Eden Developments


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