At Stiles we like to stay at the cutting edge of trends and design. Revamping a home or building a new one is a stressful enough exercise that definitely tests one’s imagination sometimes and always one’s patience.

We hope to make your choices simple in a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a Cappuccino while reaching critical decisions. Remember the K.I.S.S. factor : KEEP IT SIMPLY STYLISH. With the element on simply. Ensure that your final product will not date.

Stiles showroom is a first for the Southern Cape. It has added another dimension to home decorating in our immediate area. The idea that one can choose everything at one place makes life a little easier. Choices can be made for floor, wall and external tiles and decor, taps, sanitary ware and plumbing installations.

Our very capable staff is there to assist you with all and any advice. We can assist plumbers with the latest piping technology, the latest taps and their specs and at the same time assist the home executive with her/his choice of decorating.

In our plumbing department we collectively have 148 years of experience, the best experts in the Southern Cape all in one spot.We run with reputable brands, that deliver consistent good product, be it in Natural stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles or for that matter taps and sanitary ware.

Our customers over the years have grown accustomed to this quality in us and have supported us loyally. We have always believed that we cannot achieve it on our own, only with the help of loyal customers and suppliers.  Stiles is a local company dreamt of and born here, run by locals who support our own communities and businesses. We pride ourselves on our service, expertise, innovation, technical ability & our passion for tiles.

Visit our new showroom or contact us for more information – the only limit is your own imagination …

Stiles Eden Developments

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