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Our objective is to promote and encourage the implementation of renewable energy and water harvesting & treatment systems in South Africa, particularly along the Garden Route and in the Western & Southern Cape.

Our intention is to facilitate the move to sustainability by:

  • designing standalone or integrated renewable energy solutions that promote sustainability through the implementation of a variety of renewable energy technologies;
  • offering water harvesting and treatment solutions that provide a reliable infrastructure for a reliable supply of water to a household.

In so doing, we have sourced and continue to source a range of renewable energy products and water treatment technologies on the local and international market that we deem suitable at both a domestic and commercial level for upmarket, middle and low cost housing projects.

The technologies that we consider in the solutions we propose include:


  • solar water heating systems – domestic solar geysers, pool heating systems and hydronic underfloor heating systems
  • photovoltaic systems
  • wind turbines
  • biogas digesters
  • hypocausts


  • domestic sewage treatment plants
  • waterless composting toilets

We can design and implement a range of renewable energy and water harvesting & treatment solutions SPECIFIC to any proposed small or large-scale development or any individual household. These solutions can be integrated into the existing local municipal infrastructure or they can be stand alone. These solutions also consider the integration of the available technologies with one another to create hybrid systems that supply the necessary household requirements. These can also be stand alone or integrated into the existing infrastructure.

In order to encourage workable sustainable solutions our portfolio includes the following:

  • Consultation & Design
  • Design and implementation
  • Product supply
  • Product supply and installation
  • Product installation and training
  • Project management
  • Product and technology research (international and local)

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