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Cost Savings Eden Developments

Cost Savings

Energy efficient building is the future and creates advantages for you by saving money over time and reducing your carbon footprint.  Up to R100 000 can be saved over the lifetime of your bond. Apart from these savings we also offer direct savings on construction materials and work with the client to generate direct cost savings on construction.   We have identified some of these possible savings below however others can be identified according to the applicable project.

Eden Developments offers our clients a range of cost saving opportunities in terms of construction materials, and over time in the form of municipal bills.  In using renewable energy : gas installations, grey water usage, rain water usage, insulation of the building, flooring, lighting etc., our clients save huge bills by working their way “off the grid”.


Construction materials

Eden Developments promotes the use of Stumbelbloc which is a modular blocking system that can be insulated with recycled polystyrene and is more cost effective than conventional brickwork.   Stumbelbloc is used across South Africa which includes an Eden Development show house in George in the Garden Route.  This show house showcases all the materials needed to construct an energy efficient home. 

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The direct saving on a conventional house of approximately 180m2 is R100 000.

Other advantages of using this system :

  • Speed of construction
  • Reducing sound coming into your building and between rooms
  • Increases the R value of your walls dramatically
  • Reduces your carbon footprint


1. Water collection system

We encourage the use of water tanks for the collection of rain water which can then be used, after filtration, in your home as drinking water (no more purchasing of filtered water), general water use and if you have enough capacity, in your garden.   The sizing of this system will depend on the space you have available for tanks and if you want to look at an above-ground or an underground water system.

The cost saving will naturally depend on the size of the system and water usage of your home.  An entry level system with 2 tanks, pump, filter and piping will be in the vicinity of R15 000 and this will be repaid over 7 years, calculated with a saving of R250 per month.

2. Grey water collection system

The grey water from showers, basins, washing machines, etc., can be used in your garden for watering your plants, grass and outside area.  Eden Developments has created a cost-effective system which includes a pump and irrigation system for your garden. 

This system installed will cost approximately R15 000 and repayment has been calculated at a saving of R250 per month and a 7 year repayment period on your bond.

3. Solar system

Solar energy is becoming more and more cost effective and Eden Developments offers an entry level solar system at R30 000.  This system accommodates power outages and be able to cover the majority of your power needs, excluding a geyser which we suggest you incorporate a solar geyser or a gas system.   We have estimated a saving at R300 per month and a repayment period of 12 years on your bond.

4. Solar Geyser

Eden Developments offers a range of Solar Geyser options, with a middle of the range option at around R15 000 fully installed – the cost saving has been taken at R300 per month and the repayment period would be 6 years.

Use of insulating materials in your building to incorporate cost savings

Eden Developments encourages the use of insulating materials in your building to walls, floors, ceilings, windows etc., to prevent heat loss.  

The amount of heat loss through your different surfaces will depend on a range of factors, however you will notice from the illustration below you are losing heat through your floor, walls, windows, doors and roof.

The costs relative to the saving is not a science around this element however it would be fair to say you can at least have a saving of R200 per month.  A detailed calculation on cost can be done once you have done the material selection.

We recommend under-floor, ceiling, wall and if cost effective, window insulation as well.

  • Under floors
  • In walls
  • In ceilings
  • In windows

Other cost savings to consider

  • Wooden flooring : Eden Developments offers alien wood (gum trees), as wooden flooring is an excellent floor insulator
  • Overall design of your building
  • Lighting used : LED lighting
  • Environmentally friendly paints


Vegetable gardens

Consider a vegetable garden / vertical gardens to save on food and improve the feel of your garden.  Eden Developments has a range of options available starting from recycled containers to more complex systems.   We have calculated the saving at R250 per month and your expenditure should not exceed R5 000 for a more complex system.

Eco Pools

Are you considering putting in a pool or do you have an existing pool that is costing you money without being effective?

Eden Developments offers Eco pools that do not use chemicals, are environmentally friendly and much more aesthetically pleasing than conventional pools.  The costing and cost saving on eco pools would depend on a range of variables.  Eden Developments can evaluate your needs and give you a quote accordingly.

Environmentally friendly landscaping

Use of indigenous plants in your landscaping.  We have a landscape consultant that can give you advice around the layout of your garden and plant selection.

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