Building with Stumbelbloc

Building with Stumbelbloc forms part of our aim to build with as many energy efficient materials as possible.

Stumbelbloc is a revolutionary new building product (global patent pending).  Using this design, building is as simple as stacking blocks on top of each other all the while retaining high precision margins.  This method of building is cost effective, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and convenient.  As well as being a cheaper alternative to conventional brickwork, Stumbelbloc has an increased R value in comparison and is fireproof.

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The direct saving on a conventional house of approximately 180m2 is R100 000.

Other advantages of using this system :

• Speed of construction. 
• Reducing sound coming into your building and between rooms.
• Increases the R value of your walls dramatically – Stumbelbloc is up to 10 times more energy efficient than conventional brickwork and increases the R value up to 7. See article in Popular Mechanics explaining the energy efficient qualities of this product.
• Reduces your carbon footprint.