Buddy Equipment

Buddy Equipment – Everybody Needs A Buddy!

  • No more working off the kitchen counter or in back bending positions!
  • No more frustration by lack of a good working surface and no need to leave your car parked outside.

Buddy Equipment is the answer to all these challenges!


Buddy Equipment was founded by Allan Pike and Jonathan Wiggill in July 2011, as the vehicle for conducting business, including the manufacturing, sale and distribution of the Buddy Bench (Registered Design No.F2011/01048), a rugged and strong wall mounted collapsible workbench, which they, having conceived the idea, then designed, developed and tested to meet the needs of many faced with the challenges of compact living.

Quality has been of paramount importance throughout the development process and the superior standards both in appearance and structure of the workbenches, has rendered the products suitable for installation in living spaces (studio apartment/study/spare bedroom/kitchen etc) or in storerooms, parking garages or workshops, but with the unique feature of giving the space back to the user when it is not in use.

The workbench inspires the design, manufacture and supply of a wider range of complimentary products such as storage cabinets, shelving, and other home ware items etc. which are all available for purchase via our on-line order process.

In recent months we have partnered with Learn to Earn (www.learntoearn.co.za) a not for profit business that provides skills and lifestyle training for people in need, providing a hand up, not a hand out. Learn to Earn  effects all our product assembly, distribution and installation services.

Our Buddy Bench and Buddy Cabinet products may be viewed in store at Learn to Earn’s administration headquarters in Cape Town.

Our Products in the following:

  • Buddy Bench
  • Buddy Bracket
  • Buddy Desk
  • Buddy Study
  • Buddy Cabinet

Contact us for more information.

Buddy Equipment Eden Developments www.edendevelopments.co.za

Buddy Equipment Eden Developments www.edendevelopments.co.za

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